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You're All MINE to Swallow

You wake up to the sexy sounds of finger licking, lip smacking, and moaning. "Well good, morning shrunken one. I'm going to eat you today." My sister is on her way and you know last time I thankfully noticed that you were inside of her mouth and saved you before she swallowed you. I'm going to have you all to myself, right now- I know the first thing she'll do when she gets here is look for you, and you will be inside of my belly already! I give you permission to start jacking off...

Katelyn's kisses and licks the glass vase that you're inside of. Her big lips suction the clear surface infront of you. Her soft tongue leaves swirls of bubbly saliva in which you have a completely clear view of while you're jack off. Her sexy spit oozes down the glass and her tongue trails it back up before it oozes down the surface once more.

You're safe and sound from my saliva's acidity in there, until I get you out and gently swallow you, exactly like your fantasy. Your goddess gives you permission to start jacking off harder. Yessss.... mmhmm....

To think, my sister would go to any length to get you all to herself. I don't under-estimate her. She will look in my bra, panties, belongings, shove her tongue into my mouth to scoop you out! I have some revenge in mind for last time... I'm going to go to her house while she's at work and steal her ex boyfriend that she shrunk!

Katelyn continues to foreplay with you, talking about her selfish sister, how adorable you are, how she's going to eat you... all while leaving paths of her sexy saliva left onto the glass while she makes out with it in front of you.

Let's get you out, huh! ;D You just sit there and enjoy some saliva drip down right infront of you. It edges you so bad when it just barely drip off my tongue. Just like that! Mmmmhhh... lets show you where you're going. Inside of my belly. You're not going to be alive for long in there... I want you to be ready to get swallowed and go inside. Are you ready to go in?

Let's give you a little more of this hot tongue. Look at that! So close to going in... are you ready? I'm going to be thinking of how you're inside of my body while my sister and I are together today. Mmmmhh, yeahhh, there you go, ohhhh yeahhh! Maybe I'll even tease her by pressing her cute little face against my body and I'll tell her those digestion sounds are from digesting you!

*GULP* Katelyn talks about how well she can feel you inside of her stomach. You find a soft place to have one hell of a second orgasm! Her hunger slightly subsides when her acidic juices start to digest you. (super close up, pressed against belly view)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:59 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
saliva, licking, pov, close up, vore, tongue, glass, big boobs, nipples, cleavage


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  1. Bill Johnson's Avatar
    Bill Johns...
    I really wish I could be swallowed by you after watching this video. I don't have all your videos yet, but I'm working on it, haha!

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