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Horny to get Crushed

"They're so tiny, fast, -very- persistent, and there are hundreds of them!!" exclaims Katelyn while she's unaware you're underneath her huge bare sole towering above you. "They're fucking strong! You really need to give them some force to crush them." You'd think you should run away after hearing her describe -in detail- the multiple ways in which she's been crushing ants around the house... but you so badly want to get crushed by her. While she reenacts crushing ants -super close- in your pov, you're jacking off below her foot, hardcore, just edging yourself to cum the moment her foot presses down on you. You can barely hold from cumming... pre-cum continues to drip off the head of your throbbing cock while listening to every juicy ant-crush detail. And her ass is absolutely popping out underneath her daisy duke shorts!! Get ready to have an explosive orgasm underneath Giantess Katelyn's bare sole! She'll be completely unaware you were ever there!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
8:09 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
unaware, pov, crush, soles, close up, ass, legs, bare feet, details, walking, fingers, daisy dukes, braid, cute, short shorts, carpet, bed, bedroom, fisheye, wide angle, under foot, toes, phone, mom, story, daughter, Giantess Katelyn

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