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Raquel's Guilty Pleasure

What's Raquel's guilty pleasure? Oreos! Her parents brought a package home last night for today's get-together, but Raquel can't resist sneaking downstairs to eat a few. She discovers that they're already ripped open. Must have been her sister, because there's only one missing. Hopefully they're still scrumptiously crisp and creamy.

She takes one... and boy oh boy... it's mmmmm delightful! She keeps full watch-out and quietly gets a cup of milk to pair with a few more. No one is to be seen or heard and she's keen to not get caught. However! She would never guess -in a million years- that she's being watched by a different group of people. Shrunken people...

My best guess is, it must be hard for shrunken people to scavenge for food in such a massive world compared to them. Can you imagine the kind of epic journey (and struggle) it would be just to get a crumb in someone's kitchen! The shrunken people must have "made a gun for it" to get an Oreo after seeing her sister leave a rip in the package. Perhaps they guessed Raquel wouldn't try to sneak some from the package too. BIG mistake!

Needless to say, when Raquel's fingers penetrate the opening of the package THEY BECOME TERRIFIED FOR THEIR LIVES. They sheer panic of the situation worsens when they hear her take a bite from the cookie and chew it up. This may be the end of their lives! Are they going to get eaten?!?!

They haven't been in the package for long. In fact, they only made it onto the first and second Oreo cookie... but they got stuck in the cream filling. (and got distracted eating it) Their best hope is.... to be discovered....

It doesn't look like that's what's in their future, though. Three of them get eaten on her next cookie, and while she does take notice to an unusual taste, her main focus is not getting caught. And the rest of the cookie tastes fine, so she doesn't think anything more of it. Not enough to divert her attention, for even one second, away from watching and listening to what's going on in the house.

Do any of the survivors in the package get eaten too? Buy now to find out!

♥ 62 multicam edits / angle changes!
♥ 100% unaware vore!
♥ Pov cam inside mouth!
♥ Pov cam inside Oreos!
♥ Pov cam inside cup!
♥ Slow motion! (brief)
♥ Music for into + end!
♥ A sexy outtake!

This was BIG project with extra expenses and your purchase will help me fund and work on more BIG projects!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
8:18 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
unaware, vore, pov, endoscope, inside mouth, chewing, close up, bite, in food, cookie

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