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Ever since moving away to Uni, I haven't quite felt like myself, but the moment I step back through my door and find my Tinies spread out across the floor, things start to feel right again. When the little servants stare up at me in fear, when they tremble with my footsteps, when they bow down before me, it's even better. When they struggle and squirm and squish beneath my foot--oh, it's just delicious. They're mine. I own them and their little lives exist only to serve my needs. It's time to remind them exactly where they belong.

♥ 38 pages of intense story and glorious illustrations!
♥ Experience total immersion with included 30 minute audiobook!
♥ Adrienne dominates and degrades her Tinies without mercy.
♥ Her gorgeous sandals smear stupid servants with ease.
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Note: Please remove the comic and audiobook from the .zip folder by using click-and-drag or the method of your choice.


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Product Details:
Producer: SorenZer0
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  1. Ray's Avatar
    I really look forward to reading this it looks incredible. I love sandal Giantesses.

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