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Mom's Unaware Breakfast

Faye enters her kitchen spotting the breakfast mess left by her family, but not spotting her accidentally shrunken family amongst the breakfast items. Includes sound effects as her offspring desperately scream and yell to be spotted before it's too late.

The first can't wade out of the glob of jam on the counter in time as mom scoops it up in her finger. She hears a faint screaming of mom, but she must be hearing things as she savours and swallows the jam off her fingers.

Her other son is on a slice of bread and can't grab her attention as her knife rolls over him smothering him in jam. The bread is lifted up to her face as he desperately tries to get her attention, watching in terror as his moms teeth chomps and smashes up mouthfuls of bread, until she crams in the last bit grinding him up and swallowing him with the rest of the bread. Picking up some crumbs from the counter, including her daughter who is tossed into her mom's mouth. Clinging onto the back of Faye's throat, her last hope of survival is for her mom to hear her faint screams.

Faye feels something caught, but not realising it's her own daughter, seals her fate as she lifts a glass of milk to her mouth, washing whatever it was that was clinging on, down her throat into her stomach where food belongs. Finally she spots her husband who tells her what's just happened. Faye details how horrible a mom she must be to have ate her own terrified family.

Thinking how terrifying it must have been to see their giant mom not spot them and end up in her mouth to either be chewed, or even worse, to be swallowed inside a Giantess' body. Her own are now digesting inside their mom's stomach, what a terrible mom she is. It is soon apparent what's done is done.

Lots of evil giant talk about her poor family trapped and digesting inside her. Her poor husband is then used in her pussy until she cums. Dropping him to the floor, it's time to move on and put this behind her. Her loving husband can only watch in horror as his own wife's foot comes down to remove his life from existence, smearing him over the kitchen floor.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
19:02 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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