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Vicky is ready for her daily morning routine, though this one is going to be a “little” different. David and Ben are brothers and they’ve been worshiping and perform as Vicky slaves for years. Ben haven’t behave properly in the last days. Vicky has a solution to that.

While David is worshiping, massaging and licking her feet, Vicky holds in her finger a tiny little frightened shrunken (to a microscopic size) Ben. And what is about to happen? Well, detention today will take place inside Vicky. The journey will start at her big mouth, where Ben will be properly tasted and played with. After that, Vicky’s mercy will show up by letting the brothers say their goodbyes to each other before Ben is swallowed down just in front of David’s eyes.

Even though David was doing a good job at Vicky’s feet, she is still hungry, and she can always give new purposes to her slaves. Now, she will train David into becoming her food rather than her foot slut. It just take a monologue, a few slaps/licks/spit/choking and David is ready to bego for being shrunken and eaten alive.

And what kind of lovely Domme would Vicky be if she denied such an honorable desire from her sub? Wish granted!

***Shotout to the moment when Vicky asks David if he can hear her brother screams while holding him just upon her uvula. Brutal.***

Note: This video has camera shake at certain points.


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
13:01 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
foot worship, vore, brother, dominant, punishment, forced to watch, blonde, pink lips, makeup, hoop earrings, nose piercing, raspy voice, foot licking, real slave, tongue, teeth, psychological, mental, psycho, crazy, fetish, RatedRaw, Vicky

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