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Explore My Juicy Wet Mouth

Mouth cam lovers, you're promised to lose your hot sticky load when you indulge yourself in watching my big juicy mouth tease the living hell out of you. ;) You will be begging to get closer and closer to me... and I will bring you there...

You open your eyes and find yourself in the valley between my big boobs. While I raise your shrunken body up with my hands you see me tracing my plump cleavage, licking my lips, and when our eyes meet I give my finger a sexy welcoming lick into my mouth. I bring you closer to my teasing mouth and see your rock hard cock.

My tease is driving you crazy! We're a mere minute in to our play and I go ahead and give your hard cock and full body a nice wet feel with my pretty pink tongue. :P

Continue getting even closer to my wanting mouth and sexy body by buying this video and supporting my work! Xox <3

An erotic chill-out music track plays throughout the video. No dialogue. Let your imagination run as wild as mine and know that I want you in my juicy mouth soooo much! Mmmmhhh! ;P


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:16 minutes
1280x720 mp4
pov, mouth cam, close up, licking lips, big lips, wet tongue, teeth, inside mouth

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