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My Shrunken Boyfriend's Birthday

Birthday boyyyyyfriend... where arrre you? ... Whaaat!! You're a shrunken man? No way!! How did this happen? Was it intentional? You're nodding so I'll take that as a yes. You're so tiny that I can't even hear you!

How do my hands look from your shrunken perspective? I have your favorite lotion of mine to give you a sensual hand show. Mmmhhh yeah... how does that look? Oooohh... your hole body is getting red! I've never seen that before! You get cute red cheeks, but it looks like you're just going to explode in orgasm huh!

Can you return yourself to normal size after our hand play? If you end up stuck at that size I think I'll really like it. I've always liked having pets to take care of. Ooohhh my... my mind is already getting sexual with how you can pleasure me at that size haha...

You're smaller than any of my dildos and you're fully interactive! Are you afraid? You're trembling!!! Are those tears of happiness and joy dripping down your oh so cute little face? I want to kiss it all over and feel you in my panties!! Is that ok? Are you alright? I'll be very careful with you especially at first! ;)

I love you! You're bug sized, but nothing like a bug! I'm going to take great care of you... you're soooo into my hands!! Should I pick you up? Hopefully my hands aren't too slippery since they're super moisturized from this sexy hand show that I've been giving you.

How should I pick you up? Just nod with what you're comfortable with. Oooo you're even more adorable up close!! *Kiss* And one kiss gets your entire body! Is this alright? Mmmhhhhh *kiss kiss* I'm so close to you with my big lips! *kiss kiss* Remember your last birthday I kissed every single inch of you're body?

Why don't you get in your birthday suit, birthday boy? There we go! Now for more juicy kisses! So, so adorable you are!

*Kiss Kiss Kiss:::* Can you breath alright? *Muuuaauaahh* Haha now that you're all wet... I'm curious how you'll feel on my pussy! How about it? ;D You're king of Katelyn's mountainous pussy!!!

*Moan Moan, oh my god, OhHhHh, you're going to make me want to cum!* Here, let me pleasure you before we continue!! Mmhhh oh yeahh oo! I'm your big horny giant girlfriend! ~Licks~

I'm going to make you cum and I love you so much! I would just die if anything happened to you so after you cum then we'll think about me using you as a dildo. Enjoy my hands and my big warm juicy mouth all over your body! I can do anything you want me to do except for anything that might get you hurt.

There you go ohhhh yeahh!!! Mmh, mmhh, mhh! *Gently sings birthday song* *Gives boyfriend a sexy hand show, popping out tis, flashing ass, and moaning* Rub yourself to cum, stroke it, enjoy all of this surrounding you! Enjoy me being your world! There you go! Yyessss!!!!

Now let's enjoy some birthday cake and I'll put you on top of the slice and watch you have a field day huh! And then lick you clean and we can have some more play huh! It's your day and you'll have anything you want! ;D Mmmhhhhhh!!!! ;D


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
26:06 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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