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LDS - Part II Vore

See how warm my tongue is? ...

Talia once again. The girl whose would be the ones the Devil itself would choose if he ever has to show himself in a human form. Talia's soul though isn't that evil, but playful. Don't be afraid, you're safe with her. It's just a dream...a place where you can be whatever you wanna be. A place where time has no due with physics and expands itself to slow motion just for you. To make it last.

See how soft my lips are?

And wouldn't you want to be close to those soft lips? her warm tongue? Drowned in her saliva? She will take care of your desires...but be careful, she also has her own. Making you a part of her is what you both truly desire. To become one. You're gonna have so much fun inside my mouth.

Come on, don't be afraid...Enter the void...and make Talia cum before she wakes up! ^^


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
10:00 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
close up, macro, mouth play, saliva, lips, erotic, slow motion, masturbation, cinematic

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