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Dani's Yogurt Nightmare

This is a 27 minute Dani epic! Dani doesn�t spot her tiny shrunken brother on her bedside table trying to get her attention. Despite typing a message on her phone she fails to notice him as he gets knocked into her yogurt whilst trying to get a better vantage point for her to spot him.

Helpless in her yogurt, he can only watch as the spoon narrowly avoids him time after time as he looks up in horror to see the spoonfuls he was so close to being on, dumped onto his sister's outstretched tongue and trickles to the back of her throat to be sent down with a wet satisfied gulp.

As the next spoonful brings him up to his sister's face, she doesn't see him as she eyes up her next yummy spoonful for her tummy. His sister opens her mouth and dangled above the yogurt starts to tip over the edge of the spoon, dragging him with it into her waiting mouth.

Finally hearing something in her mouth and spotting her phone she figures out there is wrong and drooling a lumpy bit into the palm of her hand she spots her little brother. Dani is so relieved, he was literally seconds away from being swallowed alive by his unknowing sister. She could not even imagine how terrifying it must have been to be screaming and trying to hang on, while all the time sliding closer and closer to the back of your sister's throat thinking you were about to just slip over the edge to be swallowed alive. She would have just went about her business not even knowing her brother was inside her, digesting in her stomach.

However, as they're alone in her bedroom, maybe they can have fun with his new size. Towering over him she wants him to climb into her pussy, but he tells her no. Snatching him up, she's a giant now, he can't tell her 'no' so she gives him a tour of her mouth, teasing him with being swallowed alive to make him understand his new place in their relationship just before she slips him inside her pussy.

It's not long before his giant sister is made to cum, but he hasn't made it out uninjured. Fortunately there is one way she knows of making sure mom and dad never find him...


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
27:45 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
unaware, vore, pov, licking, masturbation, tongue, sister, brother, on spoon, yogurt, big lips, eating, blonde, big boobs, nipples, pussy, tattoo, belly, stomach, incest, siblings, tongue play, in mouth, moaning, close up, beg, begging, dominant, long hai


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  1. Daniel's Avatar
    Could be the best one for me? Of course, I love unaware giantess videos and this one please me Good Job, i would like to see more like this in the future Thank you

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