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360 VR Becoming one with Brooke

Well Mr. Fitness Trainer, I finally have you in my bedroom! You know, when you're teaching me to work out, I'm really checking you out at the same time. That body you got is so inspirational, that's why I shrank you down! I want to have you as my little protein snack and I'm so excited to finally eat you! ~Mmmmhh~

Here's a nice view of my tongue and inside of my mouth. You're going to go in my belly and the acid in my stomach is going to full disolve you. You're going to become integrated into my intestines and into my bloodstream. Then your proteins of your body can fully mate with the proteins in my muscles and you'll forever and ever be a part of my muscles!

Check this out... want to see my booty while I do squats over you? Squat pulses, the whole way down! ;D I thought it was a good idea to tell you I was a model. You've been liking all of my pictures on Facebook and now I'm working up all of the juices in my mouth to swallow you whole!

It's nice and wet huh? (40 seconds in mouth with heartbeat sound fx) I'm getting all pumped up to swallow you. Let's work on some more of my muscles! How about a little bit of plank and mountain climbers. You can watch me work out my hot bod above you and from in between my legs! ~You taught me all of these~

I could just get another taste of you right now. ~Ohhhh~ (30 seconds in mouth with heartbeat sound fx) You're going to go right in my fit belly. It looks like you're ready to go in my mouth, down my throat, and into my stomach. Ok... here goes nothing! ~~Oooohhh! Mmmhh! Ahhhhh!~~ (1:40 in mouth with heartbeat sound fx)

Inside stomach/intestine visual with muffled scream + deep heartbeat + digestion sound effects! from 17:24 - 19:09. Then enjoy a third person view of Brooke while she walks around her room and talks about her body digesting you until 20:50 (end video).


♥ Digestion dialogue dream come true!
♥ Subtle, realistic Giantess voice sound fx
♥ Three generous in-mouth shots: 40 sec, 30 sec, 1:45
♥ High quality heartbeat sound fx (listen with high quality headphones for bass!)
♥ High quality digestion sound fx custom made with Katelyn's real digestion sounds!
♥ Hear your muffled scream when you get swallowed
♥ Inside stomach/intestine visual taken from endoscope footage


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Product Details:
Producer: Brooke
20:50 minutes
1920x960 mp4
360 vr, vore, digestion dialogue, pov, inside mouth, digestion sounds, heartbeat

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