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My Shrunken Woman's Invisalign Fetish

~Aaahh~ Just a little bit of air for you. Squirm! Enjoy yourself to the fullest in my mouth because this very well might be the last day that I have these bands on my teeth. Not quite sure what the Orthodontist has planned for my visit. *Moan* Go ahead and enjoy the rubber bands against your body... feel those trays... and compare it to how my teeth feel without the trays in.

I have a little bit of time before I have my appointment. Just enough time to get you off before I leave. Enjoy and admire the big buttons on my teeth! Enjoy my mouth! Someday you're going to slip back my tongue closer and closer to your inevitable fate riding down my throat and living in my belly. Ohhhh yeah that's right... we are both looking forward to the day it comes! I'm going to let you enjoy seeing my teeth move from my Invisalign until the treatment is complete since it gets you off so much! <3

Now let's make you cum... how about we take out my trays? ~~Ahhh~~ How does it feel to be inside of my Invisalign tray?

Ok! I need to get going. Don't want to be late. Let's make you cum... hump between my fingers, look how my molars look when my teeth close, and now for the grand finally I'm licking your body and moaning with you while you enjoy my mouth! Now you can ride in my mouth while I drive to my appointment and then I'll put you in my panties so you can hear everything and cum on my clit! :)

... I was actually late to my appointment because I got distracted making my shrunken woman cummmmm!!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:18 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
invisalign, teeth, shrunken woman, mouth, licking, uvula, close up, gentle, moaning

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