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360 VR Cops won't Save You

The police is looking for you. Maybe there's a lot of people looking for you since you just disappeared more than a week ago. Well, not just like that. Of course there's somebody who has taken care of you during this time. You weren't sure about your situation and trusted the only person who saw you shrink down to an inch and took you home. Her home, of course.

All this time she has been taken good care of you and you became fond of this situation. Who would blame you, right? You've been given the chance to spend your life along with a beautiful, titanic woman. And she treats you well. That's why you hid in the wardrobe when the police visited her in order to get you. They found nothing, cause you little idiot thought that you were better there.


Maria was so happy that you chose to be with her that now the police is gone there's no need to keep you alive. This is what she does, it's her hobby. She shrinks people, make it look like an accident and when she is sure she cannot be traced... these helpless beings turn into pests from pets.

Oh, you think I wanna eat you? I don't know... let me taste you.

She likes how you taste. So you're done. She'll keep you alive for a while just for her own enjoyment. Don't get confused, being alive doesn't mean still being a person anymore. From the moment she closed the door to the officers your body was just out of it's place. You belong to Marias stomach and there's where you are sleeping tonight. She will tell you to kiss her breasts, her feet and legs. Don't take it as a playful game between two friends. Is just a predator playing with her prey.

Are you ready to become food? Cause you already are. Please think of the officers who could have saved you 10 minutes earlier while you descend in full darkness to Maria's stomach. You won't say any lasts words, but still you will heard one from your humid, acid grave.



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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
6:01 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vr 360, vore, pov, mouth, handheld, bangs, black hair, goth, dark, bed, laying, lying down, casual, lick, licking, MAria, RatedRaw

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