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In Love with Katelyn's Smells

Katelyn's foot sweat has a sexy, heavenly smell... BEING INSIDE OF HER SOCK FOR TODAY'S WORKOUT WAS LITERALLY ORGASMIC! You're holding on to the sweaty fibers of her sock while she gently gets yo out and brings you up to her cute face. HER HAND IS 10 TIMES LARGER THAN YOU and she's smiling about giving you a nice tease! She knows you're a sucker for her smells! (Not to mention you love sucking up her sweat!)

Her stomach acids are stirred up from all of the bouncing around at the gym. You can ~almost~ hear her stimulated digestive juices bubbling around and she's hungry and gassy too! YOU BREATHE IN HER BURP and look inside of her mouth while she eats protein crackers and exhales another whirl of burps all over your shrunken body. YOU'RE CUMMING AGAIN!

She gets cracker crumbs all over you and HER CLEAVAGE NEED LICKED CLEAN as well! You are thrilled! She excitingly plunges you into her bursting cleavage to clean her up. WHEW! HER BIG BOOBS ARE SWEATY TOO!

Being OWNED BY HER is a dream come true! Licking her clean gave you a massive hard on to see the food particles that are stuck to her teeth. SHE ENCOURAGES YOU TO JACK OFF TO HER WIDE OPEN MOUTH! Her messy teeth from eating and plentiful burps brought you over the edge of noooo return. Mmhh, yeahhh!

Could today get any better? YES! You will be spending the rest of the day in her other sock-- the one that's been on her foot this whole time, keeping the sweat trapped inside! She snuggles in her sock under her toes and gives you a TWO MINUTE IN-SOCK TOE TEASE! Enjoy getting stepped on and loving on her toes more and more and look forward to what might happen when she gets you out again!

Features a smells theme throughout! 2 minute soles and toes tease inside of her smelly socks, dozens of burps, food particles stuck to teeth, lick cleavage clean, get encouraged to cum multiple times! 100% kick ass pov!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:21 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, inside sock, inside mouth, burp, cleavage, handheld, sweat, soles, eating, crumbs, boobs, sports bra, belly, digestion acids, digestive juices, digestion sounds, hair bun, pony tail, hair up, hands, palms, natural, smile, smiling, brunette, inside sh

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