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360 VR You're Better off in There

You used to be a normal, average size person, but today you are just a snack. You're sitting on the coffee table in Mistress Kawaii's room, waiting for her to eventually eat you when she strolls back in. On her way to the couch she grabs a bag of regular snacks and walks right past you before remembering you're there and scooping you up too! She places you in her lap and starts munching on crackers and pretzels while she waits on her next shrinking victim to arrive. All you can do is look up and watch Kawaii eat, waiting for your turn. It only takes a few minutes before the text she's been waiting for arrives; her next session is almost here which means its time for you to be eaten! She takes her time, licking you several times and coating you in her thick saliva. When she does finally push you into her mouth she doesn't swallow you right away. Instead savors you, rotating you on her tongue and tasting every part of you for nearly a minute before finally gulping you down. From inside her stomach you can imagine how Kawaii looks as she pats her now satisfied tummy, happy to have put you in your place. She quickly puts you out of her mind and prepares to shrink her next session, leaving you to your fate inside her stomach.

New to VR 360 video? Click here to download Theta Spherical Viewer for PC or Click here to download GoPro VR Player. Install it. Open it. Follow the instructions to drag and drop (or open) the 366 VR video. Click and drag on the video, zoom in or out, when it plays to enjoy the 360 degrees!


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Product Details:
Producer: TheQueendom
6:41 minutes
1920x960 mp4
vr 360, vore, little dialogue, in stomach scene

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