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Crushed for the last Time

I've come up with another way to crush you, just incase you came back to life, and once again here you are! I've thought about this repetitive process and I think you might be invincible to getting crushed under the platform sandals you gave me. Is that what it is? Who knows, you might have used magic on them! I'M GOING TO CRUSH YOU UNDER MY BARE SOLES this time!!

You're a fucking pervert and I don't care that you jack off to my feet because I'll just keep on crushing you like the disgusting little bug you are! In fact I'm getting fond of seeing you squirm and fight under my feet and now, even better, I can feel you suffocating underneath my bare sole while I make you suffer for more air. You're giving me an incest fetish. You're a bad influence, Uncle!

YOU'RE SUFFOCATING UNDER MY BARE FEET AND YOU ACTUALLY LOOK SCARED THIS TIME! You even stopped jacking off! Or did you cum already? Oh there you go. YOU'RE JACKING OFF AGAIN! I think I'm getting a little sadistic!

NOW WE'RE GOING TO PLAY A WALK-OVER GAME! I nearly crush you as I walk by and you're turned on now that I've sat down and slipped my platform sandals on to feel you squish against them. I know your secret to actually getting crushed, though, so don't think I'll go the whole way just yet!

It's time to snuff you out! Out comes my bare feet! Look at how massive they are. Stretched out high above you. So close that you see the shape of my scrunched soles and every fine detail as I PUMP MY BARE SOLES AGAINST YOUR BODY WITH GROWING PRESSURE! How long am I going to keep having fun with you? A couple minutes has passed of this new foot pumping crush method of mine, and NOW YOU'RE A STAIN ON MY CARPET!

Features a ton of close up under foot pov with an all-new and unique 2+ minute bare sole repetitive foot-pump crush motion from behind to end Uncle's life! Also includes walk-by/over crush game, 1 minute grabbed between toes and played with, 2+ minute trapped under platform sandals.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
23:19 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
soles, close up, pov, crush, under foot, walk by, balls of feet, from behind, boobs

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