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My Uncle came back to Life to get Crushed Again!

Turns out you're still alive?! Maybe you need to spend more time getting crushed huh? Maybe you need to spend more time underneath my big platform sandals getting crushed. Hopefully you're not invincible. I mean, I could just keep you as my sandal slave. Look at the massive grooves on the treads and soles of my sandals. They're massive! So much gets stuck in them!

Even if I kept you, I'd keep crushing you over and over and over until you eventually die from getting crushed so much.

I'd rather crush you out of existence right now for being my pervy uncle. I even got a new shirt this morning that says "CRUSH, CRUSH, CRUSH!" because I always wanted to remember crushing my pervy uncle and now I get to do it again! Now we're going to get intimate about it...

Go ahead and lick my toe before I crush you. Ok, ok, gross! What's not gross to me is CRUSHING YOU!!!

It's HOT. Unlike bugs, you're able to fully understand what's going on which makes you FEEL it much worse both emotionally and physically. But wait. You like this feeling because you're a pervert!

How does it feel to be getting squished under my sandal as I roll your little body round and round like pill bug? There we go... uhhhh yeah... I like feeling your bones crush underneath of my weight and making your body squishy. You're just about completely crushed and if you come back to life then I'm going to do something even more horrible to you!


Are you invincible? Ahh, now you're fading away. Let it go, Uncle. Get crushed under my shoe for good. I'm going to think of horrible things to do to you incase you come back to life.

Features a ton of under shoe and floor views of MONSTROUS tall platform sandals, up skirt pussy and ass throughout, and a 2 minute long crush pov with lots of shoe movement to end the video!

Click here for part 1


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:47 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
crush, pov, platform sandals, upskirt, pussy, ass, shoe soles, pervert, uncle, niece, walk overs, floor view, goth, fishnet, skirt, black, toes, feet, shrunken, tall shoes, chunky shoes, bra, cleavage, handheld, brunette, perv, pervy, palms, palm, grey to

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