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Your Genie Accidentally Swallows You!

A gorgeous genie magically appears in front of you and she'll you any three wishes that your heart desires. It's your biggest fantasy for this to be happening after having rubbed the mysterious bottle that you found at a secluded beach you happened upon earlier in the week. Sexual fantasies instantaneously come to mind. After all, you have the Giantess Fetish in which you thought could only ever be a fantasy... but now it be your reality if you so wish!

She's primed to make your wildest dreams and desires come true. You wish to be an invincible shrunken man. She releases her genie magic to grant your wish... and you uncontrollably get more erect with every inch that your body shrinks.

With that said, your next wish is for the sexy genie to give you a strip show and explore her nude body. At first she takes offense, but then she happily stands up tall above you and gracefully reveals her tits and ass, and the little white mini dress drops to the floor in front of you.

You look in awe as she comes close and picks you up between her fingers to start your exploration of her nude body. You nearly have a full body orgasm while being slid up and down her heavenly wet and warm tongue... and then the unthinkable happens. She accidentally swallows you!!

Her stomach pulls you in, but she has faith that you can get out while she still feels you alive in there! Unluckily for you, she can't freely use her magic. She pants, rubs her belly, her breaths get faster, she roots you on to save yourself, and then... you stop moving all together.

She lies down. She had one job! Just one job! To grant wishes... and right when she starts accepting that she's made a deadly accident, she starts feeling you move around again! She's incredibly happy to feel you moving around inside of her stomach and when you ask for your last wish, she can hear you from within her! Having been through all of that with you, she's elated that your last wish is to live in her stomach for eternity.

Now you can live happily ever after as an invincible shrunken man inside of a sexy genie's belly!

Features multi-cam (lots of angles) and sound effects!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
10:14 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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  1. Chris Lussier's Avatar
    Chris Luss...
    This is still one of my favorite clips. It has practically everything I could ever want

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