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360 VR Preppy Schoolgirl Swallows the School Slut

Brooke saw you flirting with her boyfriend at the party the other day. You totally ran your fingers up your bicep and tickled his ear with your tongue. You know what? Nice try, bitch!

Most of the people at school think you're a skank because you screw all of the guys. You're known as the slut. I am known as the prettiest girl in school.

How does it feel to be sitting in my hands? I could just crush you if I wanted to, but I want to torment you first ~ psychologically and physically. Time to play!

Are you nervous? I haven't even started. Let's check out my tits, huh? How about I squeeze your little slut body in between my boobs. You think you've got a great bod? You know you'll never have a body like this. It's not just working out, it's genetics too.

Sniff my ass, bitch! I could put you between my cheeks and slap my ass. Is this hurting your self esteem a little bit? Well lets take a down to your level, huh. Smell my pussy. I could walk around with you in my panties forever if I wanted to. How do you like a bit of your own medicine?

You know what? I think I'm going to take this torture to the next level. I'm going to swallow you. I can feel your fear! You thought you were gone right there, didn't you? Did your life flash before your eyes?

Maybe it's time for you to hang out in my panties again and go for a fun little ride. You know when I swallow you, you're going to get digested and becomes a part of my body. You know what that means, right? While you're getting digested... my boyfriend and I are going to go have a date.

You'll still be rotting in my stomach while he's hugging me, caressing me, and getting inside of me... making it that much worse for you. I think the idea is kinda hot, actually. Why don't we call him, huh? He doesn't know what's going on with you. He doesn't care about you. He thinks your a skank too.

( ~ The helpless shrunken school skank gets extremely jealous while Brooke has a sexy phone call with her boyfriend. ~ )

How'd you like the sounds of that? He's mine and he'll never be yours because you're just a stupid skank who doesn't deserve to be loved because you don't have a fucking soul. I'm going to eat your fucking soless body right now. Ready? Enough fucking around!

- Subtle giantess voice effect
- Heartbeat and scream during vore
- Digestion sounds with 3rd person vr view at end
- Unparalleled acting and dialogue from Brooke Thomsen!

New to VR 360 video? Click here to download Theta Spherical Viewer for PC or Click here to download GoPro VR Player. Install it. Open it. Follow the instructions to drag and drop (or open) the 366 VR video. Click and drag on the video, zoom in or out, when it plays to enjoy the 360 degrees!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
14:16 minutes
1920x960 .MP4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
360 vr, schoolgirl, vore, shrunken woman, pov, digestion sounds, pussy, upskirt, strip tease, inside panties, inside mouth, boobs, humiliation, heart beat, scream, stomach acid, nipples, small boobs, tits, bitch, belly, blue eyes, cleavage, handheld, tram


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  1. Raul's Avatar
    I would love to be in one of does videos, and inside each and one of you ladies panties..

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