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360 VR Destroyed in Kawaii's Ass

In the future Femdom Society men have become 2nd class citizens. As a man you have had to prove your value to society each year, but this year you finally failed the test. Since you were unable to demonstrate your value the Femdom Society has sentenced you to population control at the hands of the beautiful, merciless executrix Mistress Kawaii! She's decided to carry out your sentence by squishing and smothering you in her big, beautiful butt! Mistress Kawaii had you shrunk down to a few inches in height to make sure her ass swallows up and crushes your entire body! She gives you a quick show, teasing you with her divine ass for a minute before bringing it down on top of you. Kawaii takes her time, slowly settling her weight on you, waiting to feel your body squish between her massive cheeks. However, even though you can't move and you can feel the immense pressure of Kawaii's giant ass squeezing you on all sides, you feel ok. Your body doesn't squish and you aren't suffocating beneath the giantess's ass. Mistress Kawaii notices how well you took to being sat on and she's eager to find out exactly how much you it will take to finally squish you! One of the perks of her job is that she's able to occasionally take home the men who are able to survive her executrix sessions, but she is still required to carry out the sentences. All of the men she takes home are eventually destroyed, but you feel a sort of gratitude as she stuffs your entire body deep between in her ass crack. Inside Kawaii's ass crack the outside world completely disappears as her cheeks seal you in.

As your view goes dark inside Mistress Kawaii's ass a 3rd person appears above you. Her ass has swallowed you up so completely that from the outside there is no sign of the tiny man entombed inside. She pulls her dress down and walks out, finished with work for the day, but only getting started with you...


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Product Details:
Producer: TheQueendom
9:15 minutes
1920x960 .MP4
360 vr, pawg, big booty, ass crush, sat on

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