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A group of friends on their way home from a night out are shrunken and abducted by a mysterious young woman. She doesn't say a word, but her actions tell them everything they need to know. She takes pleasure in hurting people. She is a monster. They're there to be used... until they're completely used up.

♥ 70 illustrations over 47 pages of action by SorenZer0!
♥ Dark, cruel, and intense sensual sadistic action!
♥ Group of SW & SM, crush, barefoot, insertion, teeth, vore!
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Product Details:
Producer: SorenZer0
70 HQ Photos
2560x1600 .PDF
insertion, vore, crush, gore, masturbation, hands, shrunken group, comic, shrunken men, shrunken woman, SM, SW, limbs, crushed, barefoot, soles, pussy, sadistic, short hair, nude, boobs, nipples, fingers, handheld, manicure, poser, digital art, images, te


2 Reviews and Counting...

  1. GiantJack's Avatar
    As my third purchase from SorenZer0 I can assure you that the quality of her comics keep getting better and better !! Awesome comic, I love the silent (except for the moaning) giantess, makes her more frightening, like It has a bit of everything for everyone: crush, vore, insertion ! It's great. Great value for 48 pages of high quality renders and really hot captions My only problem with it (and this is just personal preference) is that I'd have liked to see what was happening with the insertion victims. So thanks for another great comic SorenZer0. Any time you have more content like this and Madison, you can rest assured that I'll buy it in a heartbeat !
  2. Reader's Avatar
    Something they should mention in the description is that the camera focuses exclusively on the giantess. Insertion occurs, but the actual act itself isn't shown, instead focusing on the giantess's pose as she commits the act. The quality's there, and vore, insertion, anal insertion, and crushing are all present, but as someone who focuses more on the victim than the perpetrator, I found the perspective wasn't to my preferences. I prefer a close-up view of the insertion, which wasn't present. If you enjoy focusing on the giantess more than the shrunken individual, I can recommend this comic. Otherwise, use your best judgement.

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