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Biggest Vore Fantasy come True

The biggest surprise of all was to see you and your note to please swallow you last after indulging in the ample box of chocolates you sent. Are you ready for your biggest vore fantasy to come true? I kept it a surprise for tonight that the confection you watched me eat earlier was the last one!

You're going to be the best piece for last... this is the closest you've even been to my lips and tongue. We were careful no accidents would happen before I swallow you! Now you're getting a macro view of my lips, tongue, and nicely manicured fingertips. Ok, before I eat you I'm going to give you a full body tour and you can sit back and watch me tease you.

Let's put you back down and I'll give you a sexy full body show. These are my beautiful hands and palms which you'll become a part of. They have much feminine detail! My tits are big and you'll make them extra supple! Ohhhh yeah... and here's my booty right in front of your face, so close, and a full view tease! My booty has all the perfect curves! You like my soles a little bit as well, which are now right in front of you.

OH yea... mmmm... My body will digest you and absorb all of the nutrition it can get from you!

How does it feel to be on my tongue and inside of my mouth, where you've always dreamed of being. I'm ready to swallow you, but I'll keep you on my tongue. Sliding you around in my saliva for a little while will start the digestion process of taking your body into mine. You can enjoy my mouth and all its warmth. Listen to me moan ~ your squirms are such a teaaaaase! Mmhh, yeaahh, *Gulppp!*

AWwhhh, oooo, ahhhhh... *licks fingers* I can still taste you on my tongue. I can still feel you inside of me. It's a good sign you're lasting this long. Listen to my belly giving you a big welcome! Squirm, splash, have the time of your life inside of my belly which is the best place you've ever been huh?!

Includes macro and digestion sounds.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
27:54 minutes
1920x1080 .MP4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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