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Inside my Daughter's Mouth

Wake up daddy! I shrank you because I like how you won't ground me, even if mom does, if I let you look into my mouth when I shrink you and eat popsicles. It's nice how you also spoil me and give me everything I want if I secretly do this for you. I even have a couple burps for you to hear. *burp* hehe! I know how you like just one or two. Mmmm... this popsicle is so good!

I lick them like this in school and the boys call me a slut! Oh? You don't like that? You want me all to yourself? Hehe, OK then. ~ Mmmhhh ~

I'm such a daddy's girl! I like doing this with you. I'm becoming more and more aware of how it feels inside of my mouth when I'm eating. How my uvula moves, how my saliva feels when it builds up in my mouth while I chew and swallow the food, and the sensations I feel when I move my tongue around. You know what else I feel when I do this? A tingly sensation between my legs. I haven't felt that many times before. I like how you told me to tease popsicles with my tongue. I think that's what makes it tingly between my legs.

This tiny crop top that you got me is so nice! It keeps me cool in school, but sometimes boys stare at my cleavage. One time my big tits popped out! Oops! If mom sees this she might be jealous of me, like she is when I wear tight clothes.

Do you want to go inside of my mouth and onto my tongue? You can trust me. You can trust your daughter. ~Aaahhhh~ ~Oohh~ I feel you in my mouth! ~Ahhh~ Ohhhhyeah~ That's the longest I've ever had my mouth open! *Kiss kiss kiss*

Ok, time to return you back to your normal size. It's 5:30 and mom comes home at 6:00. Never know when she might be home early and we don't want to get caught right!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:07 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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