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Swallowed for Fucking up Twice

Little slave, little slave, oh wake up little slave. Did you run out of energy from your failed "epic" escape from your knowingly coming fate? You were one of my favorite shrunken slaves until last night when you tried to save that bad little slave from my pile of shit on the floor. And now what. Trying to get away? I was even considering giving you a little leeway, but trying to get away from me like this was the worst mistake of your life. You've seen me do a lot of fucked up things to shrunken people... all except one thing... being my victim.

How I'll most enjoy ending your life is an important decision for me to make because I used to really like you and you're not getting out of this.

One thing I'd enjoy is eating enchiladas all day while tightly squeezing you in my ass crack. You'd suffocate more and more on each fart until... poof, gone. Ohhh that would be so miserable for you and hilarious to me! Hmmm... another thing I could do is squish you under my ass, but I think that would be too nice of an ending considering how bad you were last night and today. You deserve no better than my other naughty slaves. You know what? I made up my mind!

I'm going to go get a surprise, but first I'll give you a hint at what I'm going to do to you. ~ Licks and licks glass table ~ ... I haven't done this to any bad slaves in quite a while. Ok, you try to run away again and I'll be back...

Surprise! It's a trash can! That's what you've made yourself into - an absolute piece of trash to me. How does it feel to be inside my trash can while I rub my pussy and sit on it? Yes, you better beg to keep smelling my ass because when I get up I'm going to eat you!

Now that you've been looking at my ass thinking of how you're going to come out of my asshole soon, it's time I'll to eat you! It'll be another slave who's life depends on cleaning your remains out of my shit, just like you've seen me do to others. Yep. Just like the one you tried to save. In fact...

The slave who's responsible for cleaning your remains has been up my colon this whole time, getting squeezed at the neck by the rim of my asshole. Want to see who it is? Look. This little slave's mind has a chance of becoming as twisted as mine! He's one of my favorite slaves, because of this. I hope he does a good job cleaning your bones from my shit!

He's lucky I don't shove him up my ass head first. It's really hard to breath in my messy colon. So I hear. Now... back to what I was doing to you.

Giantess Katelyn licks around the bad shrunken slave on the table with, presses and slurps him with big lips, sucks and licks him into her mouth, enjoys his struggles sliding around on her saliva coated tongue, tilts her head back, puts him back on the table for more table lick torture... she indulges in the wicked pleasure of her vore fetish. ~ Contains macro shots with extreme detail! ~

Down you go! Never to be seen again. Here's some air to keep you alive a little longer... *gulp, gulp* I can feel you in my belly! ... Colon slave, do you hear my bad slave coming? I'm going to the kitchen for enchiladas. They'll certainly help this bad slave turn into shit for you to clean up.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
33:13 minutes
1920x1080 .MP4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, anal insertion, macro, licking, panties, pov, shrunken man, asshole, butthole, masturbation, verbal, humiliation, colon slave, shit slave, toilet talk, good slave, bad slave, bad side, good to bad, in trouble, escape, fail, failed, journey, quest, c

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