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360 VR Mom Shrinks Son to Teach Him a Lesson

Wake up son. Mommy shrank you. I've never had to go as far as shrinking you to teach you a lesson you'll never forget. Let me give you a hint what you're in trouble for. Ready? **Belch**

Don't worry. I won't do anything to hurt you - I just need to show you how rude it is when you burp. *Mommy brings her son up to her mouth and burps on his entire shrunken body, as well as blows the smell in his face.

Oh, you dare laugh at mommy while she teaches you a lesson? Maybe I need to take this a step further and put you in my mouth. Now you look scared! Ahh! I'm licking you over and over and now you're coated in mommy's saliva! Now if that doesn't get you in order then maybe I'll have to shrink you and keep you that way since no one will find out since you're home schooled.

I bring you down to my breasts and expose my nipples. Remember when you were so tiny that you could suck the milk from my nipple? I miss that. Now that you're so much bigger, you have lessons to learn.

Let's show you what I'd do if I was a mean mommy. *Puts son on floor* If you dare tell your friends about this then I'll shrink them too. You don't want that, do you? Their parent's would have no clue that I shrank them and I might go as far as making you watch me crush them under my bare foot. Now remember... it doesn't have to come to this. I want nothing more than to raise a good son.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
12:37 minutes
1920x960 MP4
mother, son, pov, mouth, cleavage, burping, floor pov, nipples, breasts, high heels, soles, bare feet, floor view, tabboo, handheld, kitchen, long hair, manicure, mommy, Katelyn Brooks

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