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Dani's Babysitting goes Wrong

Dani must be the best babysitter ever for the two boys she's looking after. Too lazy to do her job properly, she knows a sure fire way of keeping the boys happy and entertained whilst giving her the smallest most of work. She shrinks them and leaves them to play in her cleavage for the day.

However things soon go awry when she forgets there's not too much grip on her boobs as she bends over and they tumble, unnoticed from her cleavage to her cereal bowl.

The boys look up in horror, as Dani emotionlessly looks down at them, but not seeing them. It's a look of complete disinterest as she looks down on what is simply, her food. Drenched in a tidal wave of milk, they try to get her attention as spoon after spoon of cereal is feed into her mouth.

As the first of them is hefted up to on the spoon centimeters fro her mouth, Dani pauses thinking she can hear something but disregards it as he's sucked off the spoon into her mouth with the cheerios and reduced to mush before she swallows the lot, before dipping her spoon in for the next mouthful.

As the last of the two begins his spoon journey up to her mouth, he's tries to get Dani's attention better than his brother did. Finally! Dani notices, then she realizes the fate between her teeth that the other succumbed to.

He threatens to tell him mom what the babysitter did, Dani's sure they can come to some arrangement for his silence. She eases her gigantic tits from her top, wondering is if there was some consensual way to guarantee his silence. She comes to the conclusion that bribery isn't a guarantee and there is one surefire way of ensuring she isn't told on.

'They went to the shops and didn't come back' seems plausible. How to get rid of him? chew him up into mush like his brother, or let him lose his grip and the back of her throat and simply slip away down her throat into her gigantic body to be completely forgotten about...

Video is discounted by $4 because there's an artifact issue that happens several times, for a few seconds, throughout the video.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
14:20 minutes
1920x1080 .MP4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
babysitter, cereal, vore, pov, shrunken man, shrinking, braids, cleavage, blonde


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    Who this beautiful woman her name
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