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Ava's House Party Rampage

Ava has come home to find her son's had a house party and all the party goers must have thought her shrinking potions were alcohol. Having drunk different amounts, they're now various sizes in her living room.

She grabs up her son's girlfriend using the girl on her pussy. Mommy so much hotter than her! She counts her son down to cum as he watches Ava fuck and grind his girlfriend to death under her pussy as he cums watching.

She serves no purpose now, so Ava swallows the girls body.

Her son's friends who must have drunk lots more potion and are a lot smaller, get licked up into her mouth spat onto her tits, rubbed over her pussy and tossed into her mouth to be chewed and swallowed.

Her son was never to know his mom was an evil witch who had shrinking potions, he ends up under Ava's pussy as she forces her weight on him until he's crushed and drowned in her explosive orgasm.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
17:15 minutes
1920x1080 MP4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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