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360 VR Valentine's Vore Fantasy come True: Part One

It worked, baby, it worked! Look at you! I would have never guess you'd be so cute at such a small, minuscule size! Mmmh yea! Now I can make your biggest valentine's day fantasy come true and swallow you! Hmm... but I don't know if you'll survive. I guess I should have found that out! Now, to start...

How about you go ahead and start stroking your cock to my beautiful body. You've always loved it so much that now you'd like to worship every part of it while you're shrunken! That's what we'll start with before you go into my belly!

You know what... you're the best lover I ever had. I've always loved feeling your dick sliding and orgasming between my tits, fucking my booty hole, and all over my body.

Yeah, bring your saliva coated palm down to your cock and pleasure yourself to the hot view of my ass above you! Oh, right... I have a surprise from you. You'd never guess because I haven't had these on for you before. (Reveals boobs) They're heart shaped nipple pasties! Don't you just love them? Yes! And you love seeing me massage my big tits high above you!

Looks like you've made a mess all over yourself. Great! Great! Now it's time to bring you to the bed and play around with you while you get all excited and cum again!

- *Part 1 features feet close to camera (fluffy VS heels and bare soles), under seat booty pov in a thong, boob tease with heart shaped nipple pasties, orgasm encouragement, and there's some vore dialogue. If you like a little bit of everything then you'll like Part 1!* -

- *Part 2 will be released on Valentine's Day and features pussy, under and between boobs, and ends with sexy mouth tease and vore.* -

New to VR 360 video? Click here to download Theta Spherical Viewer for PC or Click here to download GoPro VR Player. Install it. Open it. Follow the instructions to drag and drop (or open) the 366 VR video. Click and drag on the video, zoom in or out, when it plays to enjoy the 360 degrees!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
7:33 minutes
1920x960 MP4
valentine's day, booty, boobs, soles, girlfriend, boyfriend, fantasy, high heels, in shoe, clear table, chair, sitting, nipple pasties, hearts, brunette, under table, looking up, valentine, pink dress, legs, underneath ass, tits, Katelyn Books

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