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A Power Couple's Shrunken Sex Slaves

Business power couple Olivia & Laz Fyre's secret shrinking potion project turned out to be a huge success today! Next they're ready to test the immobility effect by using the shrunken people between their sex when they get home from running the office. Olivia arrives home first and starts masturbating- the shrunken people have been squirming against her wet pussy ever since this morning and she's so horny!

Her husband arrives home. The shrunken people watch him through her sheer panties as he undresses his white button up shirt, tie, slacks, and rubs himself while wondering if they'll survive his huge cock going in and out of his wife. And, there's no kidding around about the size difference here!

Olivia tells him to go in inch by inch so the shrunken people see his -full- size. One tries to escape her panties, but there's no getting away... and why would you with all of this hot action happening?!

Will the shrunken people be able to survive his huge cock going in and out of her? Find out tonight by supporting of this production, made out of love!


- 4 min. Solo Masturbation with tinies including panty pov
- Trapped in her panties, slipped to the side for fucking
- A group of shrunken people get used as sex slaves
- Husband's pov, sexy dialogue from wife while fucking
- A sm's pov on his massive cock sliding in and out of her
- Over 16 angles and shots of the dripping hot action
- Giantess voice mastering for the shrunken pov scenes
- Lace thigh highs, sheer panties, bouncing breasts
- You'll love this Giant Couple video! <3


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
13:33 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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