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Clean Booty for Shit Slave on Christmas

Wipe my piss off of your face, shit slave! It's Christmas and I have a present for you. I just took a shower and for the very fist time, instead of unleashing a shit storm into this bucket for you to deal with, I give you permission to jack off to my pristine ass. Don't worry... I won't shit all over you until midnight after I've eaten Christmas dinner and after holding in my shit all day long.

Now reach up and try to touch my ass! Watch my asshole flex and throb, and think about what's going to happen if you don't serve this ass of mine up to my expectations. In fact, I'll tell you what'll happen to you...

I'll push you up into my asshole head first! You'll nearly suffocate and it'll be absolutely terrifying! The only air you'll be able to breath is the air you can manage getting to in between the folds of shit up inside of my colon.

Do you like how your possible punishment sounds? Well, if it looks like you don't do a good enough job keeping this bucket clean on purpose, then you'll suffer the same fate, but even worse! I'll push your head up my asshole with my fingertips, but the difference will be that I'll clench the rim of my asshole around your neck and nearly choke you. Or maybe that'll be the end of you right there!

I'll do the same the whole way while pushing you inside of my asshole. If you're still alive when you make it up inside of my ass, you'll be so exhausted that there will only be a slim chance of your survival digging and searching for air between my shit.

If you're lucky enough to stay alive up there for the day before my next trip to the bathroom, you might get lucky enough to meet my next shrunken shit slave that'll reside in this bucket with my digested remains. Then you'll have a buddy to do sort out the bones in my shit and clean the rest. That's something to look forward to, huh? You'll either get crushed while I clench my asshole around your body or you'll nearly suffocate in my shit and in my colon... and if you make it out alive... then maybe, just maybe, life will be a little easier for you with another shrunken man to team up with.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:59 minutes
1920x1080 .MP4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
scat dialogue, toilet slave, pov, ass worship, jack off instruction, permission, goddess, red thong, butt, bucket, shit, poo, trapped, inside, bathroom, holiday, christmas, lingerie, belly, under cleavage, cleavage, big boobs, thong, Katelyn Brooks

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