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Checking in to Hotel GTS

You have just checked into the trendy new Hotel GTS that caters single to guests traveling alone. They promise a unique and unforgettable experience to all of their guests and you can't wait to find out what they mean! When you get to your room you turn on the TV and are suddenly enveloped in a bright light! When the light fades everything in the room has become giant! You aren't sure what has happened, but suddenly the door opens and a woman walks into your room. She drops her bag on the couch next to you and starts to sit down. She must not have noticed you and before you can think to move her big, soft butt covers your entire body! Of course, An Li did see you and sat down EXACTLY where she wanted to! "You know you can't escape right?" she laughs as she bounces on your tiny body. "You silly little bitch," she says as she brings you up to her face and explains what's happening. You see at Hotel GTS no one cares about male guests. In fact, all males are shrunk almost instantly when they get to their rooms! While the women who stay at Hotel GTS all get to have their very own tiny man to do anything they want with! Since you were so hyptnoitzed by her ass as it lowered onto you, An Li knows that you will make a perfect ass slave for her! She puts you down on the couch and pulls down her tight leggings, revealing her big, soft, delicious bubble butt and your soon to be home! That's right little bitch, An Li wants to trap you deep in her ass and feel you licking and worshipping her delicious ass hole all day, every day, for the rest of your little life! You crawl up the back of her thighs and gaze and her beautiful butt as she squeezes and spreads her cheeks for you. She wants you to get a good, close look at the tight space between her cheeks. "You're meant to worship this ass. You're meant to keep it clean like your temple, because this is your new home!" she tells you as she you by squeezing and playing with her soft ass cheeks. "You can't fight me off," she says before beckoning for you to crawl between her spread ass cheeks. You slowly move forward knowing this is it, there is no coming back. As you get into place An Li closes her cheeks and your world becomes her dark, hot, sweaty ass crack...


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Product Details:
Producer: TheQueendom
11:37 minutes
1280x720 H.264
AnLi, ass, thong, pov, hotel, jeans, asian

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