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4K VR Shrunken Session in Brooke's Socks and Sneakers

The opportunity to be a shrunken man and session with Brooke has come. You've been dreaming of the day you'll be in Brooke Thomsen's shoes and socks! Lucky lucky little you. You open your eyes and look up along her tone body. She's towering over you and you can already smell her barefoot aroma in the air. Mmmmhh!

The session has just begun and you're incredibly turned on at the sexual buildup...

She picks you up from the floor. You ride in her warm and soft palm and her pretty pink lips come after you for a kiss. You're totally blushing. You peek down her sports bra and she holds you below her belly and ass looking up her beautiful body. Your heart is pounding... especially when she tells you to look into her beautiful eyes while she teases you.

You're so incredibly cute! She gently places you back on the carpet where she tells you to look up and feast your eyes upon her massive soles which are hundreds of times larger than you. The scent of her barefoot is overpowering and it's going to be oh-so much more potent in her well worn sneaker and sock!

She puts you in her shoe for a minute. OHhhh it's heaven!!! Oh man! She's exercised in them a lot! You like hanging out in her sneaker. She tells you that you're so tiny it could be your new house!

Now it's time to get familiar with her sock. The fibers feel uh-mazing! She drops you in and adores how snuggled up you look in there. Her toes rub along the rim of her sock and her bare foot slowly comes inside and ontop of you... it's a shrunken man foot fetish tease heaven in there! You feel LOVED by her and her hot sweaty feet. Enjoy the rest of your day in Brooke's sock and sneaker!

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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
13:58 minutes
3840x1920 H.264
4k vr, pov, inside socks, sneakers, barefoot, smell, aroma, feet, foot fetish, shrunken man

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