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Katie: Episode Four

Another day of horrid death and violence surrounds Eric, but once again he's left to a night of fitful sleep and given the chance to face a new morning as Katie's special toy. He's starting to lose count of the people who've been smashed and torn apart in the sadistic giantess's hands or crushed to ugly smears beneath her feet. He's beaten, dehydrated, exhausted, constantly balancing on a tightrope of service and appeasement, desperate to survive at any cost, but how long can he keep it up? The wicked girl dumps him from his box and idly toys with his little body, but even at her gentlest, Katie pushes Eric ever closer to his imminent breaking point.

♥ Bare skin, hands, touching, teasing, casual torment!
♥ Wallow in desperation and despair with Eric as he's used as an idle toy.
♥ Katie and Eric's story continues for a fourth episode, with so much more to come!
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Product Details:
Producer: SorenZer0
27 HQ Photos
SorenZer0, Miss Kaneda, comic, shrunken man, poser, Katie, belly, stomach, tank top, belly shirt, pink panties, barefoot, feet, hands, handheld, short hair, brunette, floor view, on floor, pov, underfoot, toes, ball of foot, crush, boots, shorts, leggings

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