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I Swallow Everyone: Part 2

You're underneath and between Katelyn's big boobs, looking up at the next couple of shrunken people being slurped on like an erect cock, and to soon be swallowed. The view from under and between her dangling tits is amazingly hot. A new an artistic fetish-porn-clip that you want to cum to! It's so incredibly hot that you don't want it to end.

Her stomach moans and growls in pleasure of receiving another shrunken person swallowed whole for its enjoyment. Her palm is warm and cozy. She swallows another shrunken person and as you were hoping, she puts you back on the floor and you look up between her boobs while she slurps another shrunken person into her watering mouth. You can't wait to be squished in between them at the end before you slide into her throat, past her uvula, and splash into her stomach with the others. Some of them, already digested and entering her intestines.

When she gets up she almost butt crushes some of her shrunken morsels! She doesn't want to butt crush them. She shows them how she'd butt crush them if she was going to. No one gets hurt. Just a little squished by her warm booty when she bounced it ontop of them.

Eating them slow is making her hungry! She lets drool slide off her tongue and lips onto a group of shrunken people laying in her palm. One of them falls into her cleavage and you join in with him. Was that her stomach that made a sound again? A little pre-cum slips out of your throbbing cock just thinking about it.

I'm so horny to swallow you! Watch me swallow a group of shrunken people first! And then watch me swallow the rest of them! Your turn get swallowed is coming up!

Katelyn opens her mouth to let the group of shrunken people fall between her tits, ride down the length of her stomach, and squirm past her groomed pubic hair onto her panties and pressed against her horny swollen pussy. They slowly disappear from being trapped inside of her panties, one by one into her mouth, with some still trapped in her panties for later.

One of the shrunken women tried to back out of getting swallowed. She almost cums when Katelyn licks her pussy. Didn't take much for her to change her mind! Katelyn swallows her while nearly stepping on her last two shrunken people on the floor. Nearly stepping on them arouses her desire to find them. She knows where they are, but that doesn't mean she can't enjoy pretending! She does a lap around them and then lays down on her stomach and takes her time feeling them in between her lips while you enjoy watching from her palm while they get swallowed.

It's your turn! She bounces her big tits for you and brings you to her stomach and pussy. What a view! Katelyn's pussy is drooling with silky cum in which she fingers for a few seconds and brings to her mouth. Enjoy the taste of her pussy while your in her mouth and get swallowed! Her stomach is bubbling in happiness having recieved you! Her body was so worked up for swallowing you last! You were the desert of all the shrunken people. You are absolutely delicious to her.

Now you're inside of her for as long as you last the digestion process. She says a few very sexy words to you and away you go. Melting away forever inside of her beautiful body.

- Enjoy the show and get swallowed last!
- Lots of shrunken people. Everyone gets swallowed in unique and sexy ways!
- Real in-the-moment digestion sounds from 32:22 - 34:15 ends the video
- Ride on Katelyn's palm while she sexually plays with shrunken people and swallows them whole!
- Stomach sounds up close to her belly. Various real-time real-life in-the-moment digestion sounds!
- 2 minutes of personal time getting swallowed last. Sounds of her stomach starting to digest you!

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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
34:13 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, pov, digestion sounds, boobs, belly, shiny lips, handheld, shrunken woman, shrunken man, uvula, open mouth, licking, tongue, between boobs, ass, panties, tank top, ass cheeks, thong, looking into mouth, hide, horny, teeth, gentle, seek, props, group


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  1. Scott's Avatar
    i Rather see Special Effects of Tiny Naked MEN Getting Swallowed & Digested & Sexually Absorbed into your Beauty' Because Toys dont get Absorbed :-(

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