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Charley's Villager Sacrifices

Charley comes into her living-room, which hosts the outskirts of a tiny town for a community of tinies who live amoungst her house. Rather than have her wreck havoc and destruction on their town on the hunt for tinies, they accept her colossal power as a Goddess and voluntarily come out so she can pick out the unlucky few to be sacrificed, whilst leaving the rest alone, for now. She deliberates over her choices but finally plucks out five people from the terrified crowd.

Laying back, she rests her victims amoungst her impossibly large boobs as one by one they are plucked from her cleavage and brought up to her face. They struggle and plead in her grasp as they're dropped into her wet, eager mouth. She teases her victims, explaining just how easy it is for her to swallow their friends whole and alive as she hears their screams as they slip down her throat into her waiting stomach.

She decides to release her huge tits from the constraints of her bra. They are the size of actual mountains to the remaining people as she rubs, squeezes the tinies between them knowing despite their fear, they just can't resist loving how beautiful she is as their giantess Goddess.

After she's finished playing with the life of her 4th victim, she realizes the final sacrifice has made a run for it. She prowls about to hunt him down then slams her tits on top of him on the floor cutting short his escape.

She lifts him up to her face, no-one can ever get away from her....but she does love it when her food tries to make her work for it.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
15:08 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
predator, prey, vore, breasts, tattoos, brunette, big lips, black thong, black bra, sheer, big boobs, between boobs, nipples, Charley

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