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The Siren VS. The Savage Wolfmen: Chapter 1

The Lupus Sect is comprised of mutant wolves created via cruel and illegal experiments. All of them have horrifying strength and are extremely brutal. They used their transnormal abilities only for selfish and evil deeds. Police forces couldn't do anything to help, and not even the military could handle this threat...

When mankind almost fell into the deepest desperation, this mysterious girl came. She, Sarah-, claimed that she could be mankind's savior!

Soon, an airdrop action was held in order to be against one of those wolfmen's inhuman crime, in which, Sarah showed her first great victory! All the wolves were captured by her very easily, because they were shrunk to be 1/40 of their original body sizes by her some secret power... A person has his flaws in personality. Although she abhors evils as deadly foes, she's not a saint. She executed an escaping captive criminal with extreme means, because she thought the behavior of escaping reflects a firm attitude of refusing to acknowledge his grand sin. She also seems to have an inborn pleasure of playing with tiny males in sexual themes... For promoting her motivation of protecting justice, she's allowed that she can shrink innocents to play with provided she ensures their safety, and of course, she can use tiny captives to fulfill her sexual desires...

Therefore, the prison of those captive wolfmen was set in a private house of hers. They would be cut off from the outside world for life and were required absolute obedience! She would assign classes to try to reverse their extremely cold-blooded and greedy personalities. She planned to teach them how to be grateful, share, love and let love. However, because of their terrorism was heavily against humanity, certain punishments would be applied...

♥ Feet squishing, trample and crush!
♥ Imprisoned in huge, stinky items of underdress, sock, and shoe!
♥ Dismembering with fingers and toes!
♥ Gigantic Spitting and tongue slapping!
♥ Plays at gigantic mouth and pussy!
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Producer: Maskray
20 HQ Photos
1084x1541 .PDF
Maskray, toe crush, gore, tongue, vore, pussy, toes, shrinking, feet, barefoot, soles

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