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I Liked Letting you Watch Me Eat - Part 2 of 2

[Part 2] Through the view of my camera we're going to imagine you're shrunken and you're going to eat my chewed up food off my tongue and watch me eat! If you were shrunken then it would be easier for you to eat my chewed up food as compared to whole food.

I like having you in my mouth and I wish you really were my shrunken pet. Mmm, mmm! Now I'm going to eat half of my monstrous sandwich and I'll share it with you. Stay on my hand when you eat from my mouth!

One more bite and then you can clean up leftover particles of food inside of my mouth. Get it all off of my teeth, tongue, cheeks, and all over my big mouth. It's such a mess!

If you really were my shrunken pet then we'd have to be really careful I don't accidentally eat you!

Wow!! This turned into a really long video... so I'm going to send it to you in parts. I got away with role-playing haha! I like how I can see myself chewing the food in the camera's LCD screen. :) I hope this video ads some extra spark to your vacation. ;) Looking forward letting you watch me eat in person!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
24:21 minutes
1920x1080 .MP4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Katelyn Brooks, candid, eating, pov, chewing, peanuts, shrunken view, camera, recording

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