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Dream or Nightmare

Erica wakes up from a sweet dream where she was enjoying the sight at her mirror. Her boobs were really big, and she would like it to be real. That's why she wakes up a little bit depressed and tries to give a chance to that little blue potion that she has been keeping in her bathroom for months.

It tastes like shit, though the results are almost immediate. Erica takes off her pajama and notices that her boobs have grown a lot. She needs to show her new tits to her friends, so she take a selfie. A boyfriend of hers is also coming to see her, so she expects to have a great day. While she's distracted sending the pic to all her contacts she don't notice her fangs are also growing.

Her entire body keeps gradually growing, and soon she has to find larger clothes though they won't last long. Her boyfriend arrives, knocks the door and wait for Erica to open, though she suddenly feel a little spurt so as soon as she open the door she just run towards the bathroom and lock herself in.

The boy tries to enter but she won't let him...not even as she could if she wants, as she won't stop growing until breaking off the ceiling to the open. Now, Erica is a giantess in a little world.

We're sure she'll find it enjoyable :)


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
11:01 minutes
1280x720 .MP4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
growth, boobs, fangs, blonde, nipples, sleeping, night, bra, pajamas, sleep, pony tail

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