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Gentle Dani's Shrunken Boyfriend and Car Fetish

Playful Dani shrinks her boyfriend when he returns home by using a spiked glass of wine. She teases him as he gets shorter and shorter to her body until he's tiny and at her feet. She tells him to get into his car she had shrunken down earlier, she teases with her feet...but she'd never harm him. Playing with her car in her cleavage she pulls it out to give the car a sloppy, drooling blowjob experience for him! She puts the whole car in her mouth for a car wash, but pulls it out to find the car has got even smaller! Putting the car on the floor, she decides it's a bit too dangerous being that size near her feet, so she plays with the car over her boobs and big pregnant stomach. Setting the car down on her seat she gets distracted and sits on him with her ass, fortunately he's ok and she walks off with him safely cupped in her hands contemplating what it will be like to have sex with such a tiny little boyfriend...


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
23:33 minutes
1920x1080 .MP4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
slow shrink, pregnant, car, between boobs, licking, sucking, lips, belly, pov, wine, lipstick, gloss, blonde, tall, upskirt, thighs, legs, platforms, wedges, platform sandals, heels, shoes, toes, peep toe, toe nails, spilling cleavage, bra, black thong, b

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