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Gamer's Giantess Fantasy

I was in the mood to play an FPS game while in the middle of editing, which brought a vivid game-inspired color grading theme for this video. It can also be a wet dream of yours, sexual hallucination, or whatever you fantasize it to be. How I fantasize about it? You're horny and fantasizing about being shrunken with me, sitting there with your remote and waiting for the game to load.

Music accompanies each of the shrunken pov shots, which means you can sit back and enjoy your view while your sexy thoughts run wild through your mind! Go ahead and watch the video teaser to get a taste!

My fantasy...
You get a shrunken view from inside of a hotel sink, looking out and up at Katelyn's ass as she bounces, shakes, and pounds it down ontop of your world with her blue striped panty clad ass!

Katelyn then gently places you onto the toilet seat and sways her hips back and forth as she pulls her sexy black yoga pants down and reveals her sexy purple thong. She nearly sits on you, but not before slipping off her thong and crushing you under her asshole!

Shh!! You actually survived getting sat on between Katelyn's ass crack... So Katelyn sneaks you into the shower with her! You are in a hotel, after all, so you two need to be quiet! She gives you a few kisses, slips you into her bra for a little bounce, and puts you inside of her panties for an oh-so-sexy climax!

After cumming, your secret in-bathroom play in the hands of Giantess Katelyn takes a fateful turn. You open your eyes to Katelyn's foot which is raised up in an "I'm going to crush you" pose. WHAT?! WAIT?! WHY?! Thoughts race through your mind for the split second your body is in its full shrunken form before she repeatedly punches her foot down ontop of you so fast that each part of your body gets squished and ultimately CRUSHED within mere seconds!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
6:35 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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