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In Time

7am (7:00) - Shelly wakes up in her bed after a long night. Along with her is Dan, hanging from a string glued to the ceiling, and Dan's wife, going through a hangover on top of Shelly's pussy. She just drunk too much (pussy juices) last night and needs some recovery... but Shelly always wakes up very horny. Dan knows that, and watch helplessly as the giantess below her put a show on him masturbating again using her wife as a little tiny dildo. Long after that, it seems that Dan's wife is dead and Shelly, not used to keep useless tiny bodies, decides to eat her. However Dan still thinks he can do something to save her beloved wife, so he decides to jump on his giant captor wet mouth, where his wife is about to disappear for good. Shelly laughs at Dan's desperate attempt to rescue his wife, takes him out of her mouth and while grabbing him between her fingers she sticks out her tongue with Dan's wife stuck on it, close her mouth and press Dan against her bare throat. And of course, she swallows.

Do you think she's still alive?

11am (11:00) - Dan, frightened, makes an attempt to escape out of Shelly's home but he gets caught by her giant captor in her window. She threatens about eating him too, and after a few strong licks against the dirty glass, she let him to stay there and think about what he had done. They will talk later that night.

12am (00:00) - Shelly comes back at night. Dan is trapped inside a glass on the table, waiting for his fate, which will be recorded by Shelly in order to make and advise to those little slaves who tries to escape. He would like to be spared by Shelly but we all know how these kind of situations end.

Although the script is somehow similar to some of my other clips, please notice that this is vid is edited in a completely different way, pretty not much like the traditional giantess fetish vids you see out there. Hope you all like it!


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
8:53 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, pussy, slow motion, shrunken woman, girlfriend, boyfriend, shurnken man, music, film, cinematic, red finger nails, masturbation, music video, Rated Raw

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