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Marinated in Sweat and Swallowed Whole

Brooke Thomsen's going to swallow her shrunken man whole for her body's after workout protein. Time to marinate him! Her most intimate parts are going to get him moist, especially with him pressed against them while her body flexes and rubs against him.

She nuzzles him inside her sports bra, then he enjoys the scent of her pussy while she exercises her legs and abs, then she places him against her firm, soft, round butt and he has the perfect view of her ass crack while she does squats.

Now it's time to swallow him whole!

She slides her shrunken man head first into her pretty pink mouth. He looks straight ahead, at her throat, and his body slips along her tongue as she pulls him back out. She could swallow him right now, but what fun would that be when she can torture him a little longer?

He admires her luscious mouth~ this is heavenly "torture" for him. He pays respect to her perfect butt. His head heavenly pressed against the fabric of her short yoga shorts and between her ass crack. Then she presses his face into her belly button. That's where he'll be going now~ inside of her stomach.

She's finally hungry enough to eat him. She slides him deep into her mouth. His head is pushed the whole way back to her uvula and throat. His legs hanging outside of her mouth, still visible to the world that she's eating a shrunken man. Then, after this build up to a climax, she gulps, and gulps, and gulps again to get her body to suck him in. And to aid in the digestion process, she begins doing even more sit-ups with him inside of her!

- Multi-cam editing! Angles and closeups from multiple cameras!
- Shrunken man pov from inside Brooke's bra, inside shorts front and back!
- Sparkling blue eyes and fit body!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
15:35 minutes
1920x1080 .MP4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, inside bra, inside shorts, exercise, pov, shrunken, doll sized, doll size, six inches, blue eyes, crunches, sit ups, abs, stomach, belly button, leg lifts, barefoot, foot fetish, soles, spandex, wide angle, close up, glossy lips, long hair, curly ha


One Review and Counting...

  1. Vai Brader's Avatar
    Vai Brader
    Very cute girl. But... very boring camera angles. This had potential. I really like the ideas expressed in this one but it really just didn't do much for me. The optics could have made her look bigger and shown a little more from within her clothes.

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