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Pregnancy Cravings for Hide and Seek Tinies

Dani wanders into her living room with a magnifying glass to go on the hunt for the tinies that live in her house. Her pregnant belly has her craving all sorts of food and eating people alive is on the top of the menu today. Dani has no sense of guilt or compassion for them despite being people, they're nothing but food to her to fulfill her cravings. She hunts on her hands and knees, spotting people with her magnifying glass and dragging them out of thir hiding places. They scream and try to cling onto her tongue but they don't have a chance as she gulps them down her throat.If there's one thing she loves, it's playing with her food. Those who aren't ate on the spot are stored in her huge cleavage for later. At the end of her hunt, she's too hungry to stop so digs the people out from between her warming, comfy tits. She's such a bad giant, but they're so tasty! She dumps the group into her mouth chewing all their bones up together, delicious! Wiping her mouth to be sure she doesn't have any embarrassing bits of people on her face, she walks off to find some more.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
14:35 minutes
1920x1080 .MP4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pregnant, vore, cleavage, magnifying glass, blonde, hungry, searching, predator, prey, finding, blue eyes, looking, on keyboard, handheld, lick, licking, inside mouth, dress, Danielle Maye

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