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Giantess Cam Girl Raquel Roper

You guys have been asking Raquel Roper, your favorite cam girl, to make a video about the Giantess Fetish, and here it is!! She begins by telling you that she would really enjoy shrinking you down. But, are you prepared? Some of you might not make it out alive!

She makes this one clip into mini scenarios to give you examples of what she'd do as a giantess! ~

First you get to watch through her shrunken needy ex boyfriend's pov what she'd do to him. He could fit on so many parts of her body. Between her boobs, wedged in between her ass, inside her panties, on the tip of her nipple, and kept as her sex toy.

Now YOU are next... and she's hungry! She could skin you apart and taste you from the inside, give you a little nibble here and there, make you work your way down her throat, and become a part of her body. You'd be the perfect little snack.

Next up, this multi mini clip story of hers is about to take an interesting turn...

The camera turns back on... and Raquel is TOWERING over you. You're the size of a minuscule ant, on the floor, and she's a big ferocious Giantess who will do anything she wants to you! And she does! She raises her massive foot closely above your insignificant body, picks you up and licks you, bounces her boobs and nipples that are larger than you, and energetically humps very close to your body showing how easy you could be her sex toy!

Good thing Raquel isn't a Giantess because yea... some of you wouldn't survive through all of the crazy sexual fun the fetish brings when you're the size of a sex toy!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
12:08 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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