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Voracious Kitty

Beth is a voracious kitty who prowls her house, stalking some more tiny people to feed to her belly. Each person is hunted down, unable to escape her as she drags them from their hiding places. She loves hunting people, she's so good at it, they can never get away from her. Her favourite part of the hunt though, is feeling them squirm as she drags her wet tongue over them. She loves the feel of her prey squirming and fighting as they slip down her throat inside her while their still alive to feel them wiggle and squirm in her belly. She's still not, quite, satisfied. The last person of the day is slipped into her pussy as she feels him squirm inside her at the same time as a belly full of her prey continue to try to get out of her stomach. It doesn't take long for kitty's pussy to cum.

Licking the cum off her little pussy plaything... it's not her fault she's worked up an appetite again.

*POV: no figures used.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
10:09 minutes
1920x1080 .WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Beth Bennett, furry, vore, predator, pov, tongue, feline, cat, big lips, licking, blue nails, blue eyes, cat ears, crawling, thong, hide and seek, prey, playful, hunting, inside panties, stomach, belly, boobs, nipples, masturbation, orgasm, slow motion

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