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Katie: Episode Three

In a matter of days Eric's seen more torment, death and destruction than he could ever imagine. Torturing people like him comes naturally for his teen giantess captor, and beyond that, it seems to be her favorite hobby. He's seen Katie sadistically crush people under her boots in anger and watched her brutalize and smash others for simple entertainment. People die for Katie. Every Little she brings home suffers and squishes for her. Except for Eric. For a second time, he's the only one left untouched, but why? What twist will her wicked plans bring next?

♥ The story of Katie and Eric continues!
♥ Unparalleled realism from SorenZer0's tremendous art! 28 pages!
♥ Vicious, wicked Katie treats Littles like they're nothing!
♥ Slick gore splats and remains on dirty sneaker sole and on floor!
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Product Details:
Producer: SorenZer0
28 HQ Photos
2560x1600 .PDF
SorenZer0, Miss Kaneda, cruel, crush, gore, Katie, comic, drawings, art, story, video game, gamer, jeans, sneakers, red sneakers, sneaker sole, blood, splat, remains, shrunken woman, shrunken man, forced to clean, tac, push pin, floor, sadistic, indiffere


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