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Daddy for Breakfast

Kim has had enough of her current husband, it's time to get rid of him. Shrinking him down to bug size, she verbally cuts him to pieces and ponders whether to cave his skull in under her shoe, or even suffocate him between her massive tits that he loves so much. No that's too good for him, maybe she'll swallow him whole.

Kim decides decides to make a game of it, she'll put him in a bowl of cereal she prepared for his bratty daughters breakfast. If he manages to get her attention he can be saved. If not, then he's going to be eaten alive by his giant daughter without her even realizing it.

Hannah's called down to breakfast as Kim heads out shopping, leaving him to his twisted, cruel fate. Listening to her headphones, daddy's girl Hannah is oblivious to her fathers desperate attempts to get her attention while clambering over her Cheerios. As Hannah ponders where her father is this morning, she gets spoonful after spoonful closer to her fathers horrible fate without ever realizing he's in her cereal. Her father is forced to watch, realizing the futility of trying to grab her attention as his hungry daughter enjoys her breakfast and her teeth smash through the cheerios before swallowing them.

Listening contently to her music, she never spots her father on a spoonful of cheerios as she dumps him into her mouth. She chews and swallows, briefly noticing something odd, but only for a second as it easily tumbles down her throat. She finishes her cereal, licking her spoon clean after a very satisfying breakfast.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
13:41 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
unaware, humiliation, cleavage, big lips, upskirt, red bra, big tits, big boobs, latex

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