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Amazing Vore Session with Raquel

Within minutes of your vore session you start riding that feeling of "I'm going to cum!". You don't want to cum already, though. You've been excited for this day to come and you've been planning to save your orgasm for...

when you slide down Raquel's throat and splash in to her stomach acids. But how will you last throughout all of this cock-blowing mouth-to-head tease?

She licks the temporary home she's confined you in. Just a cage... but what she does TO the cage is what nearly has you blowing already.

Her mouth, so healthy. Her tongue, so pink. Her saliva, so clear and plentiful!

Your cock is bigger than you've ever seen it get and you could loose your orgasm at any second as you feel your head entirely wrapped in her mouth!

Will you last until you meet your much-desired fate in her stomach acids? Buy now and find out!


- **Sliding down esophagus FX & scream sound FX**
- **Stomach acids FX & digestion sound FX**
- **High quality multi-cam filming and editing**
- Beautiful voice and superior fetish industry acting
- Clear saliva strands, drool, cage pov + sexy licking
- Shrink down to 10 inches, anatomically correct doll
- Face licking, dangling, head sucking, amazing mouth play
- Deep Mouth POV

Note: Video does not include doll dick licking/sucking.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
15:00 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
FX, stomach acids, digestion sounds, inside esophagus, scream, sound fx, visual fx, shrinking, clear saliva, saliva strands, wet, drool, sexy mouth, licking, lips, mouth cam, deep mouth, inside mouth, on tongue, pink tongue, stomach, belly button, hand he

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