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Deceived and Devoured by your Doctor

Since you cant come in to my office to review your test results before we close, you're more than welcome to come to my house tonight. I know you've been eager to find out what's going on with your health. My address is on the card I gave you.

Wanting to know right away, you come to my place and are now sitting at my kitchen counter. You watch me slice a hoagie roll and I ask if making a sandwich would be rude while I talk about your health. You don't mind.

So, I continue on, and tell you right away that you only have two weeks to live. The reason I'm one of the top rated doctors in the country is because of one of my specialies. I give patients the opportunity to have a quick and painless death.

I promise, it is truely painless, in fact... it is even pleasurable for some people. Take your time deciding. This is the potion, on the counter and I'll finish making my sandwich.

My encouragement sways you. While you're sitting there, you see very thick slices of cheese on my sandwich, a nicely folded layer of meat, slices of tomato, a sopping amount of mayonaise, and three pickles. You think for a second how I can be comfortable making food in front of you while talking about your soon-to-come death. Little do you know, you'll soon find out.

You would like to do it. You drink the potion and I tell you to go get comfortable on my bed. I'll be up in a moment.

You're aleady feeling the potion. You feel happy, numb, and comfortable on my bed. I walk in to my room with my sandwich on a plate in one hand and rope in the other. I tie you up with the rope and gives you the wonderful feeling of being taken care of. On top of that, I give you a hand job which feels amazing.

After you cum I get on top of you and tell you that you're actually in perfect health, that I lied because I have a vore fetish... which means, I'm going to eat you. But don't worry, it'll still be painless.

You shrink on to my bed and I place you in between my sandwich and eat you from feet to head. I enjoy every bite and talk about how much you enjoy it too. You can't help it. You want to get eaten by me. And when I get to your head, you get a generous deep-inside-my-mouth view until every last bit of you is inside of my stomach.

- NEW style of multi-cam filming and editing!
- Doctor theme
- Very thick slices of three cheeses
- A LOT of mayonaisse on the sandwich
- I give you a hand job (a dildo was used)
- Inside sandwich view of getting eaten
- The deepest in mouth/throat view I've shot to date
- Camera stays inside of my mouth 100% of the time for the deep mouth shot. Audio from the video plays along with it.
- Sandwich eating scene is from : to the end of the video
- Priced at what I feel is fair for a long, non-nude, sandwich themed vore video


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
36:57 minutes
1920x1080 .MP4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
doctor, sandwich, vore, inside throat, deep throat, deep mouth, mouth cam, mouth pov

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