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A Voyeur's Last Perversion

Are you ready for one of the eeriest Giantess fetish videos you may have ever seen?

In this horror fetish inspired video, you play the role of a stalker who enjoys voyeurism, shrinking, and exploration of a business woman's body unbeknownst to her. The sole reason you are working at a hotel is because of how easy it is to actualize these sexual fantasies of yours. An opportunity arises and your perversion takes over your gut-instincts to wait until later... which ends in a grave mistake.

You get to live out your fantasy for the very last time. The few inches of your shrunken body becomes nothing but blood between a woman's bare sole and the insole of her high heel shoe. She didn't notice you in the slightest.

This short film includes:
- Horror movie inspired beginning with eerie music, pounding heartbeat, visual FX.
- Shrinking FX. You're calm after you shrink- the video then looks "normal".
- Complete voyeurism + unaware crush.
- Gore. Blood splat on floor, on sole, & slipped into high heel shoe.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:07 minutes
1920x1080 .MP4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
voyeurism, horror, unaware, gore, body exploration, shrinking fx, music, crush sound fx, voyeur, pervert, perv, feet, legs, ass, thong, butt, back, bra, red, belly button, belly, stomach, belly ring, cleavage, neck, close up, on bed, hotel room, in closet

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